Show Photography ©IvanNaude
Studio Photography ©Yolandi Jacobsz

Black Coffee Winter 2014 introduces garments that expose and distort the CONTOUR of the body - simultaneously streamlining and transforming the silhouette. Extreme yet wearable, the range is characterised by couture like hand-finishing, modern textiles and the detailed interplay between layered surfaces. The velocipedic inspiration drives the design to a point where efficiency, comfort, motion and aesthetic meet seamlessly.

Concurrent to the development of CONTOUR, Black Coffee has developed a bespoke accessory range for the urban cyclist inspired by the beauty of electric cycle motion. The minimally functional items can be reconfigured to fulfil the needs withing the journey of the cyclist. The Velocopede Accessory Range will lanch in Window - an experimental retail space and home to bespoke electrical bicycle importer, Cycology.

Contour was revealed at SA Fashion Week on 5 October 2013, and will be available in stores in March 2014.