Synthesis is a Black Coffee fashion performance exploring the relationship between technology and the natural world. Through a chaotic mix of graphic prints and abstracted floral and botanical patterns, Black Coffee Summer 2011 reflected an ever changing relationship with nature.

“We are holonic, containing multitudes, a vast network. We are not set apart from other life forms such as bacteria, plants and animals. Rather, we are all part of the vast matrix of ‘living information’.” Shin’ichi Takemura

SAFW - Black Coffee for Ifashion by Joanna Imrie from Post - joannaimrie on Vimeo.

Creative Direction: Jacques van der Watt
Choreography: Vincent Truter
Performer: Huguette Marara
Soundscape: Sylvia McKeown
Light Scenography: Rob Wilson
Video: Joanna Imrie

Synthesis occurred at the Black Coffee store at Arts On Main on 22 September 2011 as part of SA Fashion Week.