BLKBOX is a retail installation concept.

The project explores new collaborations and modes of expanding the reach of fashion beyond the fleeting platform of the catwalk, inspiring a more active participation by the public with our collections. The project consists of a series of themed travelling installations the first of which is called BLKBOOK.

This centers around a new fashion range which explores the book as medium, as metaphor and as tactile experience. Inspired by the beauty of the printed page and the printing and binding techniques involved in bookmaking. The installation engages fashion as a medium through which to expand literacy, be it literal, visual or emotional. This includes winter fashion, a new menswear range, lasercut satchels, bookish accesories and a hand-made editioned concept book.

Creative Direction: Jacques van der Watt
Collaborator: Vincent Truter
Photography and Video: Brett Rubin

BLKBOX was launched at the Black Coffee store at Arts On Main in February 2010.