PENDULUM is a retrospective collection inspired by a body of work spanning two decades. One essential look from each year has been reworked to form a twenty-one piece collection that’s undeniably 2019.

Twenty-one years after an uncompromising entrance into the fashion industry, Black Coffee glances backwards before moving ahead. Signature statement pieces are reinvented and restructured for a different time and space. With new takes on old attitudes, PENDULUM swings both ways, blending Jacques van der Watt’s futuristic vision with glory-day glamour, Virgo precision and cutting humour.

“I’m investing my time and energy in developing a unique signature,” said Jacques of his new label in 1999. “I’m experimenting with shapes, combining utility with aesthetics, bridging gender specific dressing.” A vision materialised with integrity, commitment and an unconventional approach to clothing. This innovative thinking, combined with Jacques’ meticulous construction and attention to detail, has placed Black Coffee at the forefront of South African fashion.

You’ll spot the signature Black Coffee approaches through the PENDULUM garments. Re-engineering of aesthetic conventions alongside hand rendered patterns embellished onto delicate mesh. Bold graphic geometry, as well as sculptural construction and interlocking components. Confident and sophisticated silhouettes that both enhance and delicately distort the human form.

At the core of PENDULUM lies the spark of that initial excitement when ideas first took shape. It’s a return to a fun feeling of extended possibilities, of looking forward with new eyes and fresh perspectives.

This collection previewed offsite at 44 Stanley as part of SA Fashion Week on 24 October 2018.

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