The intricacy of a single winding pathway that twists its way from the entrance to the centre and back to its start is the inspiration for Black Coffee Winter 2018.

The journey explored in this collection by Jacques van der Watt is one of introspection, of being replenished by the movement to a personal centre and back to the start with a fresh perspective.

The instance of reconnection is brought about by the comfort of symmetries and patterns discernible even in a world that hums with chaos.

They are to be found in the brickwork of pavements and in architectural structure, in skylines, and windows that shimmer in the late afternoon sun. To notice these one must walk, listen and look amid the rush, and push, and inevitable flow of urban life.

From ancient mosaic floors to sacred stained glass windows and labyrinths, contemporary surfaces and clean silhouettes, the collection is a study of pattern exploration. The new fluidly mixes in with elements that speak their history.

Jacques van der Watt uses embroidery and laser-cutting techniques, adding a unique Black Coffee twist to showcase the superb qualities of South African Merino Wool. Yesterday and the now are interwoven to create a series of unique garments. Heritage wool cloth is mixed with sheer mesh, alternating softness and hardness, in a play between modernity and tradition. Poms-poms handmade from pure Merino Wool add a three-dimensional texture to the pieces. “Wool is a fibre that is natural and honest. It has integrity,” says van der Watt.

Jacques van der Watt is the winner in the Ladies Wear category of the SAFW Cape Wools SA Designer Challenge.

This collection previewed at SA Fashion Week on 27 October 2017

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