Photography / © Ivan Naude

FUSION is a study in the confluence of African and Asian design. Parallels drawn from these different cultures fuse to form a universal language.

This marriage of two aesthetics narrates a purposeful tale. Fusion celebrates the point where texture, pattern and proportion of two continents meet with a nod to seventies runway glamour.

Clean graphic lines, simplicity of form and silhouette, bold geometry and complex linear patterning define this collection.

This is the second season of collaboration with crafters from Ekurhuleni. Garment adornment and accessories are produced in workshops at BlackCoffee’s studio in Johannesburg. Techniques include intricate wire work, woven ribbon work following complex geometries, delicate hand printing, and repetitive button detailing all under the creative direction and mentorship of designer Jacques van der Watt.

FUSION was revealed at SA Fashion Week on 18 March 2015. Selected items are available now in stores.